ZANATHIN is the ONLY weight loss formula clinically proven to target and eliminate fat


OVER 10 IMPORTANT CLINICAL STUDIES at major universities prove the Zanathin formula really works.

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Zanathin helps burn fat cells faster than any other weight loss product ever developed… even with minimal change of diet and minimal exercise!

Scientists and health professionals now understand that your body stores fat for a variety of  complex reasons, involving diet, metabolism, the delicate balance of hormones, even your mental and emotional states, especially stress.


Each individual key component in Zanathin has been studied for decades by leading scientists, each proven to help deal with specific causes of fat storage. The Zanathin formula is the result of a very specific blending process, involving extensive, meticulous experimentation and testing. When used as directed, the unique Zanathin formula takes fat-burning a giant leap forward.


Not only does Zanathin help target and burn belly fat, this advanced formula helps control blood glucose, helps reduce cravings and helps balance your levels of Cortisol, the hormone known to promote stress-related weight gain.

“I lost 65 pounds in less than
8 months with Zanathin.”

– Christy C., Scottsdale, AZ


When you’re 65 pounds over-weight, you try every diet and every diet plan known to man. I was the classic sucker, falling for every diet advertisement you see in magazines, on TV and online. I tried them all. I would lose 20 or 30 pounds, but gain it all back, usually gaining even more weight than when I started. My skinny sister would say, “it’s your metabolism and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


She was wrong. I spoke to my family physician about it and he made me realize that my “weight problem” was not just my about my diet but a combination of many things. I had cravings I couldn’t control. And I wondered why reduced carbohydrate diets never worked for me. Maybe my metabolism was out of whack after all. Was it possible to change it from a fat-storing metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism? And I had to admit to myself that eating was my therapy for the emotional distress I suffered about my appearance.


My doctor recommended Zanathin. He explained that Zanathin was the only weight loss formula  that would help resolve all of the issues related to gaining weight. He was right. I started losing weight within 7 days. I noticed that I didn’t crave sweets or between meal snacks. I felt better about myself, less stress and anxiety, more confident in my diet. I even had more energy. For the first time in my life I actually enjoyed taking long walks. Best of all, I learned that Zanathin burns fat without using stimulants. That’s important to me.


Within 8 months I was 65 pounds lighter – 7 dress sizes thinner - skinnier than my sister! I know it was the Zanathin. Why? Because I’ve tried everything else. Zanathin works.

Should you choose your diet plan based on clever marketing or solid science?


It’s your money and it’s your choice. And believe me, there are thousands of products out there to choose from, all claiming you’ll lose weight fast, so many products it’s hard to make a wise choice. So let me show you how to see through the marketing and find a product that works.


Avoid products which claim there’s only one factor to losing weight then try fooling you into  thinking their simple, unproven product is the answer. Health professionals now know there are many reasons you gained weight, including metabolic and emotional factors. Only Zanathin – a truly comprehensive weight loss formula – addresses all of the factors involved in losing weight.


Avoid products which focus strictly on weight-loss without promoting the importance of maintaining lean muscle mass. Low-calorie diets at best offer short-term weight loss (mostly water weight) but never work long-term and may even prove deadly.


Avoid products without significant scientific studies to back up their claims. And make sure the studies they cite, if any, are double-blind, clinical studies conducted at major universities. The Zanathin formula is validated by over 30 important studies – proven to work.

Avoid products with low price points. Zanathin combines the finest ingredients in the world, guaranteed for purity and potency, formulated by top scientists to optimize fat loss and processed by  pharmaceutical-grade manufacturers. You get what you pay for. Use your common sense, the cheap single-ingredient diet products you see at the health food stores – even the higher priced multi-ingredient products, such as Hydroxycut, are usually little more than mild stimulants. If you want real weight-loss results based on real scientific formulations, be prepared to pay a little more.

Avoid products which contain green tea, guarana and caffeine. Even though these mild  stimulants may very slightly and temporarily help reduce appetite and increase energy, they have a REBOUND EFFECT, which actually increases cravings later. Zanathin provides you with a more powerful thermogenic (fat-burning and calorie-burning) effect without stimulants.


Avoid products which claim you’ll lose more than 12 pounds or more per month. This is a classic marketing scam. The only way to lose that much weight is to go on some form of starvation diet. Sure you’ll lose weight, but eventually you’ll return to a more normal diet and, not only will you gain the weight back, but you’ll probably gain even more weight than when you started!


 Zanathin is the ultimate body-shaping formula.

Because this unique formula targets fat cells, you lose the fat without losing your lean muscle mass.


Until now, health professionals understood weight-loss strictly in terms of calorie reduction. But, reduced calorie diets usually produce less than ideal results. Men and women often lose a considerable percentage of important muscle mass without losing enough proportionate belly fat to reduce their waistline, hips and thighs.


With Zanathin, you’ll start counting inches lost – not just pounds, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your waistline and the way your clothing fits. And that makes all the difference in the world! Plus, when Zanathin is used as part of a sensible weight management plan, fat loss is accelerated by as much as 20%. Women get that flat tummy, along with slimmer hips and thighs. And in no time at all, men can replace their belly fat with six-pack abs.


Every dieter says the same thing: “Why can’t I find a weight-loss product that actually works?”

Sir Winston Churchill said, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."


Take a moment to think back to all of the diet products, systems and foods that promised you  rapid, painless weight loss and disappointed you. They call it good marketing, but you know it’s just plain, old-fashioned lying. Stick with proven science and you won’t go wrong.


Now, imagine what it’s like to lose weight without starving, without counting carbs and calories, without spending hours in the gym. Imagine what it’s like to lose body fat while maintaining critical lean mass. Imagine losing fat where it really counts – your waist hips and thighs. Or if you’re a guy, replacing that belly fat with rock-hard six-pack abs.


Recently medical researchers discovered that the careful blending of specialized natural extracts produces an astonishing thermogenic, or fat-burning, effect in both men and women. The proprietary, patent-pending Zanathin™ blend actually zeros in on visceral and subcutaneous fat cells and helps induce a bio-thermal response. In other words, Zanathin helps burn belly fat while helping you maintain your critical lean muscle mass.


Take a closer look at Zanathin


Zanathin offers you a comprehensive approach to fat loss. Based on over 10 clinical studies, the natural ingredients in Zanathin have been proven to help manage blood sugar levels, eliminate belly fat, help balance fat-promoting hormones and help reduce stress-related fat storage.




The Zanathin formula includes a proprietary blend of SPHAERANTHUS INDICUS plant extract and MANGOSTEEN fruit extract. Studies show this novel fruit and flower combination helps influence six distinct pathways which trigger fat storage and induce a significant a thermogenic increase of fat burning energy.


Safe, gentle fruit and flower blend burns fat faster – without stimulants.

Sphaeranthus Indicus and Mangosteen


In cell culture, these extracts help reduce the transformation of precursor fat cells into bloated fat cells. These studies also show that components of these natural extracts also help promote the breakdown of fat stored in your cells. Plus, this blend is known to help enhance your levels of Adiponectin, the hormone that signals your body to burn more fat for energy.




This proprietary blend combines three important natural extracts in a synergistic formulation which produces exciting results.


After extensive testing, it turns out that specific amounts of ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM and FUCUS VESICULOSUS, demineralized polyphenols from certain seaweed, combined with GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT (decaffeinated) help normalize blood sugar. Studies suggest this powerful blend also helps limit the amount of excess sugar produced in the liver.


This is good news for those who want to eliminate fat from the waistline, hips and thighs, because, without excess sugar in your bloodstream, your body burns more fat for sustained energy throughout the day.


In a placebo-controlled clinical trial, participants lost 11.4 pounds 4.05 inches in harmful visceral fat without losing significant amounts of critical lean muscle mass.




Many scientists agree that everyday stress increases your body’s levels of the hormone CORTISOL which promotes fat storage. That’s why the Zanathin formula includes RHODIOLA ROSEA, a natural plant extract which numerous studies demonstrate helps balance cortisol levels in your body, even during periods of stress.




BioPERINE® is a very important component to the Zanathin formula because this natural extract from the fruit of black pepper is known to increase the bio-availability of certain nutrients, which means your body absorbs the Zanathin ingredients more efficiently, enhancing the performance of the formula.


Studies show that BioPERINE® may have natural bio-thermal properties which help promote fat burning.





“I lost 2 inches off my waist in 30 days.”


My husband and I are on Zanathin and finding great results. Myself, I lost 2 inches off my waist in 30 days. My husband has lost 2 inches off his waist. This product gives you a sense of well-being without exciting the nervous system. Love it!! It's great!!!!  – Sherrie D., Calgary, Alberta


“I lost 36 pounds and 4 inches
of fat in 90 days.”


I needed to lose weight for my nephew’s wedding. I only had a few months to lose a lot of weight so I had to get it right. My friend Cindy recommended Zanathin.  One look at Cindy convinced me. She was trim and fit with the body of a teenager, not a 45 year old woman. She looked better than I’ve ever seen her.

Not only was I impressed with the science behind Zanathin, I figured if Zanathin worked for Cindy, it must be good. It was! Thanks to Zanathin, I lost 36 pounds in 90 days plus a total of 4 inches off my waist and hips. I recommend Zanathin to everyone I know.” – April D., Miami, FL


“Six-pack Abs at last!”


I’m what you call a “gym rat”. I’m 38 years old, still love to work out, and, yes, I’m proud of my body. About 3 years ago, I started noticing a shadow just under my belly when I looked in the mirror. It freaked me out. Even worse, my six-pack abs were fading away, covered by a layer of belly fat. I upped my crunches, 4 sets of 30 incline sit-ups every day. It didn’t help!! This was a stubborn layer of fat that I just couldn’t diet away or exercise away.

Based on my research, I discovered this was normal for a guy in his late 30’s and figured I would just have to live with it. Then I was introduced to Zanathin by my long time trainer. He promised Zanathin would kill that stubborn layer of belly fat. Sure enough, in less than 30 days, here I am back to form. I got my six-pack abs at last! Thanks Zanathin!!!!! – Joey W., Woodland Hills, CA


“I lost 30 pounds and 7 inches off my waist. Wearing my sexy bikini again!”


When I was pregnant I was as big as a house. Hey, you’re supposed to look like that, right? But after the birth of my baby, I struggled to lose that last stubborn 30 pounds of belly fat.


Depressing! I tried every diet, but nothing worked. I finally just gave up until my husband surprised me with vacation plans to Mexico. Panic! I had three months to fit into my sexy old bikini! A friend promised me Zanathin was the solution. She was right. I lost 30 pounds of fat and 7 1/2 inches off my waist. Mexico here I come! Love you Zanathin!  – Lindsay B., Calgary, Alberta

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Okay, what’s the catch?


We love skeptics because skeptics are intelligent, the kind of people who question the wild claims made by our competition. So, as a natural skeptic you may ask yourself, “if Zanathin is such a great product, why are they discounting it $10?” Good question.


We know dieters love to talk to each other about the latest breakthrough weight loss products. And we’re so confident you’re going to love Zanathin and see amazing results, we know you’ll share your excitement with friends and family. Even better – you may even share your enthusiasm for Zanathin on social media. So you see, it’s a win-win situation for both of us – a $10 savings for you and free word-of-mouth advertising for the makers of Zanathin.


And keep in mind, there’s absolutely NO RISK!


You have nothing to lose. Zanathin comes with an unconditional
money-back guarantee. If you don’t love Zanathin – if you don’t lose body fat – if you don’t truly believe Zanathin is the best weight loss product you’ve ever tried, just send it back for a complete refund.
No questions asked.



The amazing link between stress and body fat!


Stress is your body’s normal response to difficult circumstances, such as danger. It is sometimes called the ‘fight or flight” syndrome.  Living in today’s hectic, 24/7, crisis-driven world, your body is subjected to an overload of stress.


For many people, stress has become a constant under-lying emotion, which your body interprets as hard times, or starvation, and responds accordingly.  It produces the hormone CORTISOL in levels far beyond what we were originally designed to handle. This survival hormone searches for blood sugar in your blood stream for that extra energy ‘kick’.


And once that energy source is depleted, Cortisol signals your body to break down protein in your muscles for more energy, saving the fat you’ll need to survive hard times.  This vicious cycle continues over time, slowing down your metabolism and depleting lean muscle, while unused fat continues to accumulate on your waistline.


Zanathin balances your cortisol levels which reduces cravings for sweets and other carbs which contribute to fat storage and loss of muscle mass due to stress, anxiety and depression.

When you compare Zanathin to other leading brands…well, there’s no comparison!!

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Once you leave this page, all bets are off.


And remember, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee,
so you have nothing to lose.

SAVE $10 if you order now!



WARNING: In the long term, cheap diet products will you make you fatter…and may even kill you.


Most diet plans and popular diet products are based on reducing your calorie intake below the level you need to maintain a normal weight. In essence, you’re starving your body which relies on both fat and lean muscle mass to sustain energy. So, yes, you lose some fat, but you lose mostly lean mass, which you need to maintain strength and stamina, not to mention a healthy immune system. If you stay on a starvation diet too long, your body will actually start using organ tissue for energy, including your heart muscle, for lean mass. That’s why people who suffer with anorexia often die of cardiac arrest. And guess what? A person with anorexia, who may appear to be “skin and bones,” is actually obese! That’s right. The lean mass is depleted, leaving mostly fat.


There’s another downside to these diets. Once your metabolism is operating on a starvation level, your body starts storing fat more efficiently. Makes sense, doesn’t it? And once you’ve lost weight and return to more normal eating habits (you have to or you’ll end up anorexic), your metabolism is still storing fat just as if you are starving. That’s why you gain the weight back quickly…and usually gain more weight than when you started!


Here’s the solution – stop losing weight and start losing fat! Zanathin targets and eliminates fat cells and helps change your fat-storing metabolism into a fat-burning metabolism, so you lose inches off your waist, hips and thighs without losing lean muscle mass.


P.S. Important reminder…According to the research the number one reason people don’t lose weight is they promise themselves they’ll go on a diet but don’t commit to starting. Don’t put it off. Order Zanathin and get started today.


P.S.S. FYI – The Shipping Department just informed us that this promotion is so successful there are only a few bottles of Zanathin left at this special promotional price. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave this page without ordering.






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